Setting up your Instagram account

Before you login into 4Gram, you need to do these setups to your account and posts.

  1. Go to your Instagram account settings from their official app and set your account your public if it was previously set to private.

How to Login?

You don't have to register an account to login in 4Gram. You'll just have to submit your Instagram email/username/phone and password, and pass our verification.

  1. Just go to 4Gram home page
  2. Click "Login with Instagram" and enter your correct Instagram credentials.

Possible errors could be while logging in and how to solve them:

  1. Incorrect username/email/phone or password. — Try logging in the with correct one or contact us.
  2. Login Challenge. — if you first time loggin to our website you will have to verify login by sending code to your phone or email.

How to get likes/followers?

After logging in successfully, there is nothing much left to do but to look at these steps.

  1. Chose your option from the home page which are "Use Auto Liker" & "Use Auto Follower".

If you have chosen auto liker:

  1. You can either get likes on your own photos or someone else's photo. Latest 8 photos of you will be shown.
  2. If you want likes on your photo, click the "Get Likes" button for the photo you have chosen & if you want likes on someone else's photo by "Custom Id/Url" option, open that person's photo in desktop or mobile site and copy the photo link and paste it into the input box and click "Get Likes" button and you will start receiving likes.
  3. Hopefully, likes will start showing on the photo submitted.

If you have chosen auto follower:

  1. You can only get followers on your own profile for now but it will be changed in the future.
  2. For getting followers, all you have to do is to click "Get Followers" button and hopefully, followers will start showing on your profile.

Possible questions and issues and how to solve them:

  1. If you didn't any single like/follower — make sure your account is not set private or contact us.